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We would like to work with those who understand today's economy and those who believe by paying reasonable rates will achieve their success and will move there single units or truck loads in no time. We would also like to point out those who don't pay the carriers will lose their account privileges if we are contacted by our members no questions asked, we will not tolerate late payments, no payments at all.

www.CentralAutoDispatch.com recommends that rates be fair and reasonable in keeping with the currents rates of fuel. The cost of fuel is rising daily and we are losing our best Auto Transport Companies daily to the cost of fuel they simply cannot afford to run their trucks and also due to the low load or ridicules rates posted on load boards by some of the fly by night brokers.

Please do your best effort to keep reasonable loads posted for the transporters.
www.CentralAutoDispatch.com wishes success to all of our members.
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