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Central Auto Dispatch

Expectations From Shippers & Carriers

Shippers Guidelines: A Shipper must facilitate fair and reasonable business practices in order to maintain an account with CAD.

Shippers, Carriers, One-two-three strikes you're out! (It's a baseball song sung at every game in the US.)
Invoices must be paid as agreed and in a timely manner. Three complaints that are determined to be valid by CAD and the account? or membership? is suspended indefinitely. The first two complaints are considered warnings.

CARRIERS: Carriers are expected to make their best effort to deliver all freight in good order and on time. Communication with broker, dispatch and customer is vital in order to meet all parties expectations. Carriers will perform their job as agreed.

Shippers & Carriers
"Expectations are that all parties will operate in a professional manner." Shippers & Carriers to respect everyone on CentralAutoDispatch
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